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Society Gone Wild

Today as I was watching the TV, switching from DayStar, then to the Today Show, I was noticing that both stations were talking about the same thing. They were talking about how to raise your children...of course the Today Show was a bit off on what peoples' children should watch as a family.   A little nudity is no big deal??  What?   

Right then I stopped listening, then I saw the headlines at the bottom of the screen.   It was like the fine print that goes unnoticed.    All of the headlines were stating some very negative things such as:  Boy Scouts will admit openly gay boys, but will not hire gay leaders & Obama: ‘No apologies’ for seizing journalists’ phone records.

Boy Scouts Gays.JPEG

What in the world is happening to our society?

I remember that I was at Walmart the other day. While I was walking past the Kids Movies, I was expressing to my friend, "I think all of the weird movies are concentrated in the Kids Section. "She replied, "Yes, they like to start them out early."   Which brings me to the title of this article...

History Tells All

In the year of 92, I was born in Dallas, Texas.   I had a very good upbringing.  I remember being raised around some very innocent cartoons...the good stuff. 

Then 1996 came and with it was the release of Pokémon.  Since then cartoons have taken on a very dark demeanor with very negative messages.

When I do have children I will make sure that I have plenty of the innocent cartoons that I grew up with

You Get Out What You Put In

I don't think the younger generation ever noticed this change. Somehow we all are being programmed by the stuff we allow into our hearts.  

Ben Carson

“We get out of life what we put into it. The way we treat others is the way we ourselves get treated.”

― Ben CarsonThink Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence

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