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Be A Conscious Consumer

By purchasing organic and local produce it is possible to consciously make a positive environmental impact. Organic farming methods over time can reverse the harmful effects of conventional farming. 

Conventional farming uses engineered fertilizers and pesticides that pollute drinking water, contaminate animal and human habitats, and diminish the nutrients from the soil

Organic farming uses no engineered products so it produces no harmful run off and organic soil allows plants to sustain themselves more successfully in a drought than conventionally sprayed plants. Organic farming utilizes fertilizers such as cow manure and compost, these fertilizers actually add minerals and can, over time, help damaged soil become healthy again. A more complete eco system can thrive around an organic farm.  

The quality of the Earth’s water supply is diminishing as global population rises to over seven billion people. Conventional farming methods are contaminating precious water supplies via run off of concentrated fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals are seeping into human and animal water supplies and infecting our bodies. Organic farming is a water saving grace. No concentrated chemicals are used to spray crops and water sources around the farms are allowed to flourish with plant and animal life. By switching from conventional to organic it may be possible to reverse the damage done by the engineered framing. In an era of where global population is steadily increasing and the quality fresh water supply is steadily decreasing it is critical time to make organic farming the standard.  

In addition to infecting our water with harmful chemicals, conventional farming contaminates humans and animals with harmful substances in plant matter that is consumed. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S Department of Health and Human Services has found; out of the 25 most commonly used chemicals in conventional farming 17 are proven to cause genetic damage, 10 are harmful to reproductive organs, 18 are harmful to skin, eyes and lungs, 5 are toxic to the nervous system, 6 cause hormone disruption, and 12 contain cancer causing chemicals. 

These harmful substances are on the conventionally grown foods we eat, are fed to the conventionally raised livestock we eat, and seeping into the earth. Organic farming utilizes fertilizers that occur naturally from human, animal, and plant waste. Organic fertilizers do not contain concentrated amounts of chemicals proven to cause health problems.  

The elements that harm our bodies and water are also harming the soil. Soils that are continuously sprayed with fertilizers and pesticides used in conventional farming are depleted in minerals and lack the ability to sustain plants in a drought. A healthy soil contains over 50 essential vitamins and minerals that are absorbed by a plant growing in the soil, those vitamins and minerals are then transferred to a human or animal body when they eat the produce. Since spray agriculture has become the standard in America, American people are seriously lacking essential vitamins and minerals. A conventionally grown piece of produce will not contain more than 10 essential vitamins and minerals. These are called essential vitamins and minerals because humans need to consume all of them in order to stay healthy. 

Is it a wonder why America is the world’s leading country in health care problems? How can we be healthy if our water, soil, and our bodies are contaminated with toxins and even the most essential parts of our diet are being depleted by conventional farming practices? Now an even more important question, how can we help organic farming become the standard practice in America? The answer is easy and you can start to make a difference. Use your hard earned money to purchase organically grown and raised foods.  

Submitted Article From Ashley Lauren Heil


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