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5 Protein Rich Foods You Didn’t Know About

Protein is an important nutrient for our body, it almost helps in every part and process of our body, from nails and hairs to skin and bones. Everything involves proteins in one way or another.

So it is very important to include such a beneficial nutrient in your daily diet plan and then eat accordingly. While many of you know meat and eggs as the protein rich foods, but there are more alternatives than these two, and this article is about sharing those alternatives with you.
#1: Beans
Beans have a good amount of proteins in them. You can have beans in many forms, like with different vegetable and you can also cook them in soup. This option is also very good for the vegans, they can have their fair share of protein by adding beans to their diet.
#2: Green Peas
Many people hate green vegetable (Even though most of them are green), but hating green peas means declining yourself a great source of protein.
There is another benefit of these green peas, along with being a good protein source, they are very cheap and almost anyone can afford to add green peas in their diet. They are not so hard and difficult to cook also. In short, this is a budget friendly, healthy and delicious protein source.
#3: Chia Peas
No one thought that these peas can be such a source of protein that we would have added them in our list. They are a great protein source, and helps you in digestion process also. Uniqueness of this alternative is that you can use them with any food, mostly with fruit salad and similar foods.
Chia peas can be taken after food as a desert, so even if you didn’t ate healthy dinner, you can have chia peas to get the required protein as a dessert. Cool and Healthy.
#4: Greek Yogurt
Yummy. #4 source of protein in our list is Greek yogurt. Because it is also a great source of protein and you can have it on the go also, you can also have it to dip your snacks in It and then eat this yummy Greek Yogurt.
About 15 to 20 grams of Greek yogurt per 6-ounce container will provide you the amount of protein for a full day.
#5: Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese is not as exciting a source of protein as other sources mentioned above, but do not think that it is a bad source of protein.
Cottage cheese is an amazing source of protein, and it is also a low fat food, which means that you can have it without any tension. Enjoy cottage cheese with spinach and use it as a comfort food.


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